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Jim Laughlin Territory
Cell: 314-422-4813
Company Alliant Energy

Ottumwa IA
  Columbia WI
  Edgewater WI
Company Associated Electric

Thomas Hill MO
Company City Water Light & Power

CWLP Dallman IL
Company Duke Energy

Cayuga IN

Engineering Office - Plainfeld, IN IN
Company MidAmerican Energy

Louisa IA
Company Muscatine Power

Muscatine IA
Company NRG

Powerton IL
  Waukegan IL
  Joliet IL
  Will County IL
Company Rockland Capital
Grand Tower Gas Plant IL
Company Southern IL Power

Company Vistra Energy

Corporate Office IL

Baldwin IL

Newton IL

Edwards IL

Kincaid IL

Joppa IL
Company WE Energies
  Elm Road WI
  Oak Creek WI
  Pleasant Prairie WI
  Port Washington WI
Company Gas Plants
Caterpillar Gas Plant IL
Hoosier Energy
Holland Gas Plant IL
Rockland Capital
Grand Tower Gas Plant IL
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